About Community Alliance Church

We are a middle-of-the road evangelical church which means we are open to people from both non-charismatic and charismatic backgrounds. We believe that by keeping Jesus at the center of our preaching and ministry, we can meet the needs of a wide variety of people.

We see ourselves as bridge-builders. We have good relations with the other Christian churches in Havre and often join with other churches to share Jesus with the community. We are inclusive and not exclusive. We are always looking for ways to include people in what we’re doing and we are willing to extend ourselves to work with others.

Our church facility is used by civic groups at little or no charge. We recognize that in the 21st century many people have never been in a church, let alone know anything about Christianity, so we take that into consideration as we share our message and invite guests to our functions. We hope to create a church setting for people who have not been raised in church to feel comfortable.