This is a great place for sermon notes, images, updates, fliers and more!  Keep your church members up to date on what’s happening at Community Alliance Church.

Here, we’ll try and keep everyone posted on upcoming events.

  1. Youth group resumes on Saturday the 11th! They will kick off their year with a back-to-school bash. Activities that can happen include: BBQ, underground cooking, boat rides, ATV rides, hiking and exploring the Bad Lands, games, and a bonfire. If rides are needed, contact Lori or Chloe ASAP. They will meet at the church at 4pm that day. If you need the address, please let us know as well. 
  2. Since the youth will have the bash this weekend, it’s only natural that Youth Group resumes the following week (15th)! Youth Group has been moved to Wednesday nights, from 5:30-7:30. Snacks and a simple dinner will be provided. Lori and Chloe are looking forward to working with your youth, watching them learn and thrive, and of course, helping them grow in their relationship with God and each other.
  3. Women’s Bible studies have resumed this week. Both those on Wednesday mornings and Thursday nights. 
  4. Small groups will begin in the first week of October, running for about 6-8 weeks. If you are interested in small groups, please let us know. (Email, sign-up sheet, or leave a message on the phone.) 
  5. The weekend of October 22 & 23 will be a Ladies Weekend Event. (6th grade on up.) It will be known as Rekindled and will be held here at the church, and there will not be any childcare. This two day event will focus on allowing you to dive deeper into your relationship with Christ, refresh, and of course reconnect with God first but with one another as well. There will be a $10 fee and we will have more details later. For now, we’re looking for a tentative headcount.